Are you celebrating pride month this year? As you know, we all are different from each other in different ways such as physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually; even our sexual desires are different; few people are homosexual, bisexual which’s totally okay. But the majority of people against this culture. According to them, homosexuality is a sin and against the law of nature. That’s why they bully Trans, gay, and lesbians. That’s why the life of homosexuals is not smooth. They suffer more than others. We all know that many gays, lesbians, and Trans are present in our areas, but we don’t want to accept this. But we disagree that it’s our fault because we learn from our elders that homosexuality is a sin. After all, it is against the natural law, and many religious also opposed this. So we think if we do not accept this, we can stop them, but that’s not true because everyone has the right to live their lives by their own choice.

Now, in this 21st century, the world is changing, people’s thoughts are changing, and people are less judgmental than people of the past. Now the majority of people accepting the existence of Gay, lesbians, and Trans. Even they are supporting them, and many organizations are working for their rights, especially for transgender. Therefore each year in June, people celebrate pride month to show support to LGBTQ.

What is pride month?

Pride month is to raise the LGBTQ voices, represent LGBTQ culture, show support to the LGBTQ community, and fight for their rights. People do protest, parades, live theaters, parties and show consolidation to the person of this community who lost their lives due to aids during the whole month of June to pay salute to the people who were the part of the stonewall riots, June is celebrated as “pride month.” The people bring rainbow flags to represent their community and join these protests, concerts, and rallies. In these events, you learn and understand social history.

History of pride month

On June 28, 1969, it was a hot summer night in New York. The police made a raid on the stonewall inn, a club for Gay locate in Greenwich village, which resulted in staff, bar patrons, neighborhood residents rioting onto Christopher street outside. The head of this riot mainly was black, bisexual women, gay, trans. Marsha p Johnson continued these protests and rally for about six days. They asked for the safety and establishment of places where the LBGT community and areas could visit.

In fact, the credit of pride month goes to Brenda Howard (bisexual Activist), so she is known as the mother of pride. She arranged Gay pride month. Gay politician Harvey Malik asked his designer friend gilbert baker to design a rainbow flag. In 1978 He wanted to take it in San Francisco’s pride march. But unfortunately, he was attacked in this march by a former supervisor who was angry at Malik.

Moreover, she arranged a parade known as the Christopher Street liberation day parade, which occurs one year after the stonewall riots. Nowadays, it is known as New York City pride march. After this march, many other rallies were arranged across the whole world.

In 2000, for the first-time Pride Month was officially recognized by U.S president Bill Clinton. Also, President Obama announced June LGBT pride month in 2011. In 2019 Donald Trump tweeted which he told that a campaign has been beginning to normalize homosexuality.

One of the most famous and largest Parades is the “New York parade,” and it is stated that almost 2 million people joined it in 2019

Symbol of pride month

Gilbert Baker, 1978 designed the rainbow flag, also known as a symbol of pride. But there is not one pride flag, and there is more than one. The pride flags are a solid representation of the movement.

Executive director of outright action international Jessica stern said the diversity of identities within the LGBTIQ community echoes. It is need of time for everyone to participate and recognized

  • Lesbian 

    The lesbian flag contains many iterations. For example, the Emily Gwen in 2018 included orange, pink, and purple shades.

  • Trans 

    The Trans flag has light blue and light pink colors, which are usually given to newborn baby girls and baby boys. The white color in the flag is the representation of intersex or neutral gender. In 1999 a transgender activist, Monica, helmed designed this flag.

  • Philadelphia

    In 2017 pride flag was redesigned, and some changes were made to include brown and black colors to show support and inclusion to “respect the lives of our black and brown LGBTQ siblings.”

Importance of pride month

It is important to celebrate pride month because it all about equality. Here are few reasons mentioned below

  • It is for everyone

    Pride month is basically to celebrate the acceptance of homosexuality, bisexuality, Trans and gays, etc.So in this month, the LGBTQ community does a concert rally to celebrate this. You can also take part in these events even if you aren’t from the LGBTQ community.

  • It is fun too

    It’s an excellent opportunity to come out of your comfort zone and get along in any concert, protest, and rally. In this way, you’ll be able to meet new people with different mindsets and prospects of life.

  • highlights the LGBTQ issues

    We should ponder on this issue and should discuss the gay rights movement. During this month, it gets the most attention from the media as compared to other times. Gay marriage and Tran’s adoption are the topics that should be highlighted. It is the month in which you understand it’s essential to fight for your rights.

How to celebrate pride month

Everyone celebrates ride month in their own way. However, here are few best practices are mentioned below to celebrate ride month.

  • Rep your flag

    Take your rainbow flag or homosexual flag to support all bisexual, homosexual, or Tran’s people. The rainbow flags have eight colors, and each color has different meanings, such as a red stand for life, pink means sex, orange signs for healing, green color represents nature, turquoise is for magic, blue represents peace, yellow symbolizes the sun, and purple stands for the spirit. So wave your flag in the air to support LGBTQ. If you don’t have this specific flag, don’t worry, wear clothes of these colors. Besides, you can paint your face in a rainbow pattern to show solidity with these people.

  • Join in a pride parade

    If you want to show your love and support to LGBTQ, be a part of the LGBTQ parade. The meaning of this pride march is that we all are equal; sexual diversity does not bother. The actual aim of this pride month is to protect the rights of transgender, gays, lesbians, and bisexual.Additionally, it is not necessary that only homosexual or Trans can take part in

  • Watch movies or read books.

    If you want to support, read some books about homosexuality, gay and Trans . You will learn more about them, their life and history.Moreover, you will learn more about the organization and activists who are working for their rights and equality.

    Additionally, you can watch movies about homosexuals and Trans. These movies will aid you to know about the emotions, feeling and their desire. Milk is one of the best movies.


As you know, Pride month reminds us about the existence of Gay, lesbian, and Trans. In the month of June, people celebrate ride month to spread awareness about the rights of homosexuals, bisexuals, and trans. various organizations are working for their rights.

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