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Improve your communication, deepen your relationship, and resolve conflicts by working together with family therapy.

Are Miscommunication And Emotional Disconnection Causing Your Family Pain?

Has your family recently experienced a traumatic event? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to balance daily life and familial responsibilities? Have you noticed that one or more relatives are starting to withdraw from the rest of the unit?

Perhaps a change in the family dynamic or between parents is the wedge that’s been driving your household apart. Or maybe there are individual relationship issues within that are testing the resilience of the entire family. Stressors and breakdowns come in all shapes and sizes— from relatives who may be struggling with addiction to those adjusting to a blended family or even those dealing with physical altercations.

Deep down, you want to experience lasting peace, mutual understanding, and meaningful connections within your family unit. 

Family Dynamics Aren’t Always Healthy

Being part of a loving family is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Families can have a deep understanding of each other and are a reliable support system for every member. But in reality, every family has its fair share of challenges.

Maybe your family is experiencing challenges related to trauma, such as a relative(s) struggling with domestic violence, sexual abuse, or physical abuse.

Experiencing grief and loss, health concerns, a big move, divorce, or a new addition to the family can lead to emotional disconnect, withdrawal, and even anxiety.

Dealing with these stressors on your own can be tough, especially if there is a disparity between family members.  Fortunately, Unload It Therapy is equipped with compassionate,  experienced family therapists who can help you strengthen relationships, teach more effective communication, and resolve conflicts together.

Many Families Experience Challenges—But It Does Not Mean They’re Beyond Repair

Let’s face it—misunderstandings and conflicts are inherent aspects of nearly every family’s journey. Though families exist in various colors, forms, and cultural backgrounds, the one thing they have in common is that they are notperfect.

All families experience pain from time to time, and while some issues may seem more minor than others, leaving them unresolved or managing them independently can prolong the hurt and reinforce unhealthy coping patterns.

When family problems escalate to the point where harmony is disrupted, seeking support from a trained family therapist becomes crucial. Our family counselors at Unload It Therapy can guide you as you process and heal the wounds your family is struggling to heal on its own.

Communication Issues Are A Threat To The Modern Family

In our bustling, fast-paced culture that prioritizes multitasking, there’s limited time for thoughtful communication. As a result, our culture often struggles to effectively communicate thoughts and feelings. When a situation becomes too uncomfortable, we tend to shut down when it seems like things aren’t working.

Regardless of the nature of your communication issues—unhealthy parenting styles, a high-paced lifestyle, or negative means of communication (the silent treatment, threats, or bodily harm)—putting in the work required through therapy can help you and your family strengthen and deepen your bond. Working together through life challenges and learning new skills are great ways to help you stay connected as a family

Family Therapy Can Help Your Family Live In Harmony

Our family therapists work with you to create a safe, judgment-free space for your family to explore challenges, feelings, and family patterns so that you can truly reconnect. In therapy, we provide the space for you to do the work that you can’t do on your own. And you won’t be alone throughout the entire process—we’ll be right by your side, guiding you along the way.

At Unload It Therapy, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to BIPOC family therapy. We take an individualized approach that tailors therapy to meet your family’s unique situation. During sessions, we do our best to support and partner with you to facilitate your family’s journey throughout the healing process.

Family Therapy Approaches

Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) is one of the main modalities we use during family therapy. It is instrumental in dissecting interactions that may hinder emotional connections within the family. Our goal is to help you and your family navigate and manage points of emotional distress so you can work on healing and enhancing connections.

Systemic Family Therapy is an approach that extends beyond the immediate family, delving into the dynamics of the extended family as well. It helps us understand the broader family system, addressing interactions, relationships, and environmental influences. Exploring family origins and identifying external influencers helps us shed light on underlying issues by allowing you and your family members to get a better handle on ongoing challenges.

Bowenian Family Therapy cultivates a healthy level of differentiation between you and your family. We focus on establishing clear boundaries, exploring various boundary types, and discouraging harmful practices like triangulation (bringing kids in to diffuse tension between husband and wife).  Recognizing these habits can be detrimental—we guide families toward learning healthier interactions, coping skills, and communication patterns.

Genograms go beyond a traditional family tree, allowing us to identify patterns within family histories. This tool helps provide insight into the dynamics and influences that have shaped each member’s experiences.

Roleplaying techniques enable us to comprehensively understand each family member’s perspective. This approach fosters empathy and facilitates a more thorough exploration of individual viewpoints within the family dynamic.

Narrative Therapy empowers families to construct and reshape the stories they tell themselves about their family. We will help you find your voice and uncover the meanings you’ve attributed to these narratives. By externalizing problems and observing oneself, family members can reframe their perspectives, promoting positive change and growth.

Each family counseling session lasts 80 minutes*, so there’s ample time in each session to continue working on your family’s therapeutic goal. In sessions, the therapist may see the entire family, part of the family, or a mixture of both.

At Unload It Therapy, we specialize in helping families cultivate stronger, more balanced relationships. As familial bonds become more stable and secure, it becomes possible to address and replace negative habits with positive and healthier ones.

*Not applicable to families utilizing insurance benefits

Family therapy can help you reconnect and find new meaning within your family.

Our BIPOC Houston therapists can help you create new family patterns, overcome challenges together, deepen your relationships, and grow closer.

We currently offer in-person therapy in Houston, and virtual therapy throughout the states of Texas.

You May Be Considering Family Therapy But Have More Questions…

What can Family Therapy Do for my Family?

Family therapy can do wonders for your tribe! Attending family counseling can be beneficial for each member to cope with problems more effectively. Therapy can improve relationships, strengthen resilience, especially in children, and help you all create healthier ways to interact. Family therapy can also help blended families assimilate. BIPOC family therapy is also an effective tool to use when working through difficult family dynamics, as it provides viable solutions to various situations.

Does Insurance Cover Family Therapy?

In short, yes, family therapy can be reimbursable depending on your plan. Typically, insurance covers the policyholder and their diagnosis. At Unload It Therapy, we approach things differently. We don’t bill insurance directly so that we can treat the entire family as our client, not just the policyholder. Our focus is on diagnosing the problem and helping your family reach its goals rather than individual client diagnoses as required by insurance. Additionally, our family sessions extend beyond the standard 50-minute sessions allowed by insurance, giving us the time needed to truly understand your family dynamics.

What is the difference between family therapy and group therapy?

Group therapy is usually assembled from individuals who are unrelated or otherwise identify as a family but may share a common concern or interest. Family therapy, instead, is about working within a relational system. At Unload It Therapy, we work within the family system to uncover various concerns and build stronger bonds.

Your Family Can Be Whole Again

It can be exhausting to be experiencing miscommunication, emotional disconnect, and a myriad of other issues within your own family. Getting therapy to improve your family’s relationship is the first step toward bringing you the peace, understanding, and security that a family should be comprised of. By helping each member learn how to communicate effectively and work through difficult thoughts and emotions, healing and growth are possible.

Call us at (713)-396-0526 to explore the possibilities of in-person family therapy in Houston or virtual therapy accessible across Texas.

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