Inclusive in-person counseling services for couples, individuals, & families of all backgrounds in Houston, TX and virtually in Texas.

Unload and work through relationship, emotional, and life challenges to achieve the healthy, balanced life you desire.

Our therapists, representing a variety of cultural backgrounds including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), are here to assist and support you through every phase of your journey.

We currently offer in-person therapy in Houston, and virtual therapy throughout the states of Texas.

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Unburden yourself. Create the balanced life and fulfilling relationships you want.

You know what it takes to achieve goals, care for family and friends, and work hard at your job.

Yet, being there for everyone else can take a toll on you.

You may feel:

  • Emotionally and physically exhausted
  • Overwhelmed from trying to juggle all your responsibilities
  • Burned out in your career and relationships
  • Disconnected from yourself, like you’ve lost a sense of who you are, your dreams, or purpose
  • Unfulfilled or misunderstood in your relationships with your partner, family, or close friends
  • Like something is missing from your life

You can feel more present and connected with yourself, your life, and your relationships. And you don’t have to do it alone.

You can achieve the life balance and joy you desire while being there for your family, friends, and career.

Our relational approach with trauma integration helps you become the full version of yourself.

You are more than the situation, conflict, or emotion that brings you to Unload It Therapy.

Our integrative therapeutic approach helps you safely work through your problems within the context of all aspects of who you are — your relationships, beliefs, background, and life events.

As a result, we work with couples, individuals, and families from a relational, systemic lens — where you bring everything with you from your past, present, and future goals.

Our integrative approach lets you see the whole person you are, including how your different life experiences, beliefs, and emotions interconnect, so you can fully heal.

Our relational, BIPOC, And culturally competent Houston therapists are here for you.

At Unload It Therapy of Houston, TX, our team is committed to helping you re-develop healthy relationships with yourself, your loved ones, and your career. So you can feel connected with your life.

We work from a holistic and systemic perspective to support the whole person. We work with you to provide a personalized therapy experience that’s tailored to your unique needs and challenges, so you move toward your goals.

We provide all clients with a safe, judgment-free space to explore their emotions, thoughts, and life challenges, so you can rest and check your emotional baggage.

As BIPOC therapists, we also understand the importance of taking into account the cultural, spiritual, and environmental aspects of who you are.

We offer in-person therapy in Houston, Texas, and online therapy throughout the states of Texas.

Our team of therapists specializes in helping individuals, couples, teens, and families work through:

  • Relationship challenges, including family, marriage, premarital, and couples counseling
  • Relationship issues for individuals
  • Self-discovery
  • Emotional issues like anxiety, depression, self-esteem
  • Trauma
  • Life transitions such as career changes, starting a family, retirement, and divorce

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