Have you heard of the term mindfulness and how it has all-encompassing boons to offer for mental health? Well, mindfulness must be adopted by everyone as it is a holistic practice that can make you self-aware, gratified, and peaceful. Everyone talks about it but what exactly is it and how it can help you improve your mental health? Read on to unveil this domain fully:


Who can claim to not have known stress amidst the chaotic contemporary lifestyle? Indeed, stress, anxiety, and clamor go hand in hand with the robotic lifestyle. With a super busy lifestyle, challenging relationships, and turbulent emotions, you tend to become frustrated, depressed, and anxious. Mindfulness, however, is a deliberate effort to calm the racing mind and redirect your focus towards positive things. With mindfulness, you stay aware of the tiniest perks and keep realigning your mind whenever some stressful thoughts try to grab you hard. You can surely tame your stress and anxiety with techniques like breathing mindfully, using guided imagery, trying yoga, and generally adopting an aware lifestyle with heedful eating and workout routine.


Mindfulness is surely a great way to bag advantages like low stress, more happy hormones, becoming more self-aware, remaining thankful, and even getting rid of a few extra pounds. But, how can one adopt and get all these bonuses? Let me elucidate:

  1. MINDFUL BREATHING EXERCISEConscious deep belly breathing is a wonderful quick fix when it comes to taming those harrowing thoughts down. By keeping this drill as part of your daily routine, you can consistently retain calmness, less anxiety, and stress. You simply need to deeply inhale consciously by thinking about all that is bothering you and holding it for a few seconds. After that, gradually and deeply exhale all the air out considering all the worries coming out and relieving you. This is a powerful drill and has to be done mindfully to gain its benefits.
  2. GUIDED IMAGERYIn the same manner, when you learn the technique of guided imagery, you learn to create images in your mind that make you happy and relaxed. It is more like a little escape into your utopian world and getting rid of the incessant vexing thoughts and clutter. Usually done with the help of a therapist, the exercise makes you more mindful and relieves you of distress and anguish.
  3. YOGAYoga is a well-known way of calming the nerves, bringing positivity back into your life, and even reducing unnecessary weight too. It makes you more mindful of the blessings that encompass you and inculcate the spirit of not giving up, no matter what. With this potent drill, you feel empowered and destressed leading to a happier life and better relationships.
  4. TAKING ON A LIFESTYLE WITH MINDFUL EATING AND EXERCISEIf you think mindfulness is just about doing some special drills, you are mistaken. Mindfulness is a lifestyle indeed and without incorporating it into the minutest details; you cannot expect to lead a gratifying and fulfilling life. The instant fixes wear off if the lifestyle remains unsupportive of mindfulness. So, be aware of what you are eating, how blessed you are to be having access to the best of the edibles and you will not feel anxious or stressed out. Likewise, be conscious when you are working out. Keep the target in your mind to gain the best of the boons. This means that you should work out for better health and energy instead of merely looking for external validation on losing some inches. This way, your mental health will remain intact and stress will remain at bay.


In short, this life of yours is your responsibility and you must adopt mindfulness to heal yourself holistically. So, tell me, would you not make an effort to reclaim your mental health and peace?

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